Year 2 of ownership/restoration (2013>2014)  where did year one go?
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November 1st 2013 Tidied up, stripped Aft deck, sanded ready for priming/filling.
4th & 7th Primed Aft deck, 1st filling, sanding. Niki sanded and undercoated, Stb'd bunk space cabin top.
9th Disposed of a few more air cases!   Stripped off "bow pudding" to repair woodwork behind, & Metal Cage. 
12th 1 year ago today, bought the money pit ....sorry the boat!   More sanding and filling on aft deck's. Shipwright nearly finished Fwd Stbd Bulwarks. Niki 2nd undercoated, Stb'd bunk space cabin top.
13th/14th Aft deck final filling, ready for priming. removing remaining Stanchions Port side. Stbd Bulwarks finished.
16th & 19th Sorting and marking up Stanchions, ready for repair and re-galvanising. Removed Anchor, not as easy as it sounds! Started working on Bow Pudding mountings. Niki top coated, Stb'd bunk space.
21st Removed anchor fixings from deck, easier said than done. Received delivery of my Ebay purchase, original RNLI Navigator's seat!
22nd Repairs to stanchions, then delivery to Galvanisers.
27th Remainder of Toe boards striped and repaired.
29th Collected stanchions from Galvanisers, started trimming off sharp edges. Primed Toe Boards.
2nd December 2013  Sanded and re-Primed Toe boards, Fitted parts to anchor davit. Ran engines, all pressures ok (1 year since first started by me)
5th Tidy up ready for High Water!  Didn't come as high as my boat.....Trim up a few more stanchions
10th/11th/12th Worked on Stbd deck, Cover board and Fender, Anchor Davit area. Rebuilt Anchor "blocks", then sanded and primed.
14th Finally got aft deck sanded and primed ready for caulking. Stbd deck near Anchor blocks sanded and primed.
16th Wet day, needle gunned deck/cabin mounting angle and removed all loose paint from Port Mid ships decks.
17th/18th Finished Port deck first stripping, Caulked Stbd deck Anchor area. Re-fitted anchor fittings, bedded on modern mastic.
20th Finished Aft deck caulked & sealed. Just 16' of port deck to do.....
21st-29th Wind, Rain, and bad cold stopped play!  Just keeping Tarpaulins tight/removing Windlass for maintenance, sourcing fittings online. Etc.
2nd January 2014 Re-sheeted forward part of boat, tarpaulins ripped with these winds, hopefully wont need them next winter!
4th Back at it, with bags of new fittings, inside job, started to strip off old Cooling Hoses on engines, mm not easy.
6th Just making engine gaskets, to windy to open up boat sheets, wind would rip to shreds!
8th finished trimming up all Stanchions. Ready for Painting and re-fitting (later on!)
9th Cleaned/degreased, Replaced all Flexible Hoses (Coolant and Fuel) on Port engine, checked Tappets whilst rocker box covers off all but 1 ok.
10th/11th Started on Stb'd "fender" boxes and "D" fender fixings, stripping and repairing timber, Trimming off perished rubber and D beading
13th/14th More work on Fender boxes, as above! Finished Stb'd side between Bulwarks
16th Started last section of Port deck stripping (burning off paint). One more day I hope!
18th Little milestone today, 6 months after starting! Last of old paint burnt off Decks. Just Calking to remove, sand, repair, prime..........
21st/22nd Visit to National Maritime Museum Prints and Drawings collection to find "Missing Plans"
24th/25th Collected repaired & Galvanised Bow Nose Piece. Started on Port fender, paint stripping etc.
27th Finished cleaning off Port fender boards between bulwarks. Can't do anymore till timber dries in the spring.
30th/31st Just sorting out Fwd Shelter/Cabin Bilge pumps, and their wireing, undercoated engine room bulkhead etc.
1st February 2014 Filled wide gaps in planks (drying) Stb'd Bunk space, Top coated engine room bulkhead.
3rd Fitted Conduit for double bottom fans in the style of RNLI! Niki de-greased and spot primed "stb'd bunk space" bilge ready for painting.
4th Painted  "stb'd bunk space" bilge..
7th Only 12 months since I started the job! Finally got bilge pumps wired and plumbed! Started planning Waste tank fixings.
8th Made waste tank support frame, not easy, angles everywhere, glued up, then needs to be stripped and painted. Non RNLI addition!
10th/11th/12th Working on support frame, painting etc. Trying to find a tidy route for tank vent pipe. Fitted pipe etc. Ready for tank fitting tomorrow.
13th Half a day re-sheeting, ready for wind to do it all again! Finally got waste tank in place, just pipe supports to finish. Made bunk boards
14th & 16th couple of hours only, Just checking sheets and painting bunk boards.
17th Finally Stb'd bunk space finished. Started on Heads Bilges again!
18th Fitted Waste skin fitting, & all pipe work connected up. Started making a Plinth for the "Throne"
20th/21st Finished Loo Plinth. Primed, undercoated, Stripped all old hoses from Stb'd engine, checked tappets, cut all new hoses.
22nd Topcoat on loo plinth, ready for fitting next week, fitted all new flexible, coolant and fuel hoses to Stb'd engine...both done now, Not as easy as Port side! And collected Scramble net hooks from blacksmith, ready for galvanizing., the scramble net has gone missing sometime so need to make a replica.
25th Loo plinth now fitted, then finally the new "Electric Throne". All plumbed and wired. Heads deck boards painted.
26th/27th Making up pipe work for "Double bottom" (Engine room) Ventilation & mounting brackets for fans. [This has been inoperable for 20+ years], new step from engine room to fwd cabin.
1st March 2014

Just painting new Fan brackets and Step, part day!

3rd All double bottom Ventilation fans fitted and finished. New step finished.
4th Nice day! Stripped off Sea water intake scoops, Cleaned up Toe board/scramble net metalwork.
7th Working on Port bunk space, fitting battening for bunk boards etc.
10th,12th,13th Part days bad back! Port bunk boards made, primed, uc, top coated..finished, fitted new port batteries and wired up aft cabin Aux switch panel.

Made up portable bilge pump, checked out spirit cooker,general tidy up!

18th/19th Stripping down and Priming Cover board and Fender box Stb'd Aft section, repairs made. Ready for sealing seams.
20th/21st Half day, all outside seams caulked with Mastic, ready for fairing off then painting! Oh then inside seams done do!
24th/25th Inside Stb'd Bulwark seams caulked,  Port Mid ships to aft deck, old sealant stripped out, then primed. Ready for screw hole filling!
28th Little milestone today, last of old deck caulking/sealant stripped out, then primed. Ready for repair and filling. So please I haven't got a 52" boat!
31st Half a day, been two timing Laura, Been working on Mincarlo!  Part of Port deck filled, sanded and re-primed.
1st/2nd April 2014 All boat Decks now filled, primed ready for caulking. Just Port Mid ships to Aft to calk.  Now Port fender box, to repair etc. etc.
4th/5th Port fender box Mid ships to Aft, repaired, primed.
10th,11th,12th Port fender box, Mid ships to Fwd (to fwd bulwarks only), repairs, quite a few! Also brackets that were loose removed and cleaned/primed. All of "cover" board (to fwd bulwarks only) now repaired.
14th,15th,17th Last of port deck caulked, 9 months, 30 tubes deck caulk=finished deck repairs at last, just fairing and painting to do!
18th Sealing aft port bulwarks (outside), cover board to fender joints & fender box to fender.
21st, 22nd Fender box to "D" fender seals, Aft bulwarks to Fwd bulwarks. Cleaning down port bunk space ready for primer. Sealing Aft port bulwarks (inside)
23rd Finished sealing Port Aft Bulwarks, Niki Undercoated Port Bunk Space.
25th-28th Wet weekend, New steps for Fwd cabin in the "style" of the originals. cleaning up bits etc.
30th Port Fwd bulwark filling and fender box repair. Niki Top coated Port Bunk Space.
2nd May 2014 Port Fwd bulwark filling, sanding, primed & fender box filling sanding etc.  All port fender box top boards & cover boards now repaired. ready for painting!
5th Fwd Port bulwark sealed (on the outside, inside to do!), fender box to "D" fender now sealed Fwd to Aft. & Cover boards to fender sealed ALL of Port Side!. ready for painting!
12th/13th Port bulwark (inside) sealing, Port bunk space spot primed and sealed as required.
14th, 16th/17th, 19th More sealing on inner Bulwarks, Port bunk space bilges painted out, thanks to Niki. "faired" off Fwd deck calking. All inside's of Fwd bulwarks sealed.
20th Stbd Fwd fender box, final paint striped, (no more old paint left on decks!!) Sanded, Primed and ready for repair/filling.
25th Stbd Bulwarks Outboard, filled, faired, primed. Ready for sealing. Rest of week getting Mincarlo ready for opening for the season
30th Stbd Bulwarks sealed outboard, all fender board to "D" fender sealed, just 16" Cover board to Fender board to seal, tomorrows job!
31st Cover board to Fender box sealed (done all round now), Stbd Tank hatch gasketed and screwed down.
1st June 2014 Port Toe board brackets re-fitted. Niki undercoated toe boards.
2nd Sealed down Stbd Tank hatch, started stripping Port tank space., not easy with everything corroded.
5th Ordered all the paint! Got new Flexible fuel pipes, general tidy up!
6th Port tank removed, pipe work, old "repairs", rotten timber removed, ready for graving pieces, pipe work to strip and clean at home (rainy day job)
10th Port tank void all cleared of tank cradle, Exhaust hull fitting removed, Niki did first clean out of C**P from bottom of tank bilge. Collected all topcoat paint!
11th Raked out wide seams inside tank space, ready for priming and calking, stripped old metalwork off tank cradle, sanded and primed.
12th Spot primed tank space, sanded Toe boards ready for 2nd undercoat, Etch primed 60% of Stanchions
13th Friday 13th is it safe to work on boat??? Finished priming stanchions, Tank cradle top coated, Toe boards 2nd undercoat on first side.
14th General tidy, scraping old paint from port tank void, removing "donuts" from around water intakes. Finished toe board UC.
17th Finished repairs to hull around Port exhaust outlet, chalked and filled internal "dried" plank seams in tank void, fitted 2 new Voltmeters to engine panel (old ones US)
18th Shush, don't tell.............2 timing Laura, Engine running day on Mincarlo
19th/20th Fitting "pads" in tank space (for through hull fittings), priming up. Preparing space under boat for re-planking, sanding (ready for Calico), sealing etc.
21st & 23rd Paint removing (burning), sanding Port side between keelsons, ready for repairs,
24th Clearing out seams, now I can see why they are wide, been filled in the past with epoxy !!!! Not good.
25th Neutralised port engine room corrosion on tank space side, dried and then sealed ready for patch's, started sealing wide seams, between water scoops. Cut out rotten timber around Stb'd Aft scoop, luckily only in outer layer of planking. Now ready for Shipwright to insert graving piece.
26th Finished sealing wide seams between Keelsons, made and fitted tank inner planking graving pieces, Shipwright started Blocking off freeing trunks. Deciding what to do tomorrow!! Decided, patch lower section of engine room corrosion holes.
27th Made outer planking graving pieces for Port side, ready for fitting. Striped off inspection ports from Port tank, easier said than done nuts very corroded, had to be cut off. Shipwright carried on with Stb'd aft scoop, and Freeing trunks.

Went on a jolly to Lydney Harbour day. Visited 3 lifeboats, Always Ready, The Chieftain, Richard Vernon and Mary Garforth of Leeds.

30th Back to work, outer planks to Port repairs. Shipwright finished Stb'd aft scoop, Freeing trunks & Started "over" planking.

1st July 2014

Planking progressing, Faired and filled repairs, engine room to tank space bulkhead made watertight, started stripping more original paint (well new helpers did) from hull. New helpers gave in! "Too dirty"
2nd More paint stripping. Niki painted out Port tank space. Graving pieces and filling of repairs.
3rd/4th Tank straps, brackets cleaned, painted. Pipe work cleaned, painted etc. General cleaning of hull fittings. Shipwright continues with planking.
7th Made new port tank space bilge pump pipe. Finished painting rest of pipework. Drilled port side hull for fittings, striped down windlass ready for painting. Fitted tank brackets to cradle.
8th  Fitted all through hull fittings and exhaust to port side with help of sister, pipework tomorrow! Shipwright nearly finished "dry" fitting Stb'd over planking. New helpers didn't like the job, not shown up!
9th/10th Fitting port tank space  coolant pipe work, making new bilge pipe work. Painting out pipes etc. Fitted Ventilation fan, fitted deck fitting for Bilge "dip" pipe, new drain cocks on coolant system, new fitting for tank drain pipe. Just bits really.... Shipwright finished Stb'd Planking, on to Port planking tomorrow.
14th/15th Port tank steam cleaned, studs cleaned up, all inspection hatch's replaced(New gaskets and nuts), tank fitted back into hull, ready for piping up.
17th Tank piped up, filling up with diesel via Fuel polisher, final repairs to tank hatch, started on hull seams.
18th Hot day, tested port fuel tank for soundness (14psi) no leaks. Fitted tank hatch and sealed.
21st-23rd Finished repairing water intake fixings, ready for scoops to be re-fitted, Faired down part of Stb'd hull, started removing stopping from Port side. Replaced with Mastic, re-scribed water line for boot top, more sanding etc. etc.
24th Started fixing over-planking properly, stripping more of old paint.
25th stopping up port side,with Mastic, more sanding etc. etc.
27th Faired off Port and Stb'd stopping between rubbing strip and Upper Keelson, primed Again!
29th Stb'd over planking all fitted, needs fairing off and screw holes filling. More stripping off antifouling about 1 days work left then all off!

Last of Antifouling off, all hull ready for stripping out stopping (Putty) hardening up caulking, then re-stopping (mastic)

31st Started stripping out stopping in port tunnel.
1st August 2014 More stripping out old stopping, hardening up caulking, primed then re-stopped with Mastic.
4th/5th Sorting out studs for hull anodes, position of triducer (speed, temp, depth) sounder, site of originals not usable, new 2" hole thru hull!! Finished repairs/stopping to port tunnel area.
6th/7th/8th/9th Part days! Holiday week!  Made fairing block for triducer, sanded part of port tunnel/primed, Shipwright finished overplanking. Faired and primed overplanking.
11th/12th/13th Filling/fairing screw holes port & stb'd overplanking & midships (between lower keelson and rubbing strakes), Sealing seams.
18th/19th Final primer on midships, ready for undercoat. Fitted annode studs and Triducer hull fitting, sanded and primed port prop tunnel.
21st/22nd Filling screw holes in prop tunnel planking, sanding and final primer.
24th Bank holiday weekend...more work...No, Just tidying up! Planning next jobs, rough shaping oak blocks for Stern tube block repairs.
27th Removing stopping & hardening up calking, repairing planking [small graving piece] under engine room port, stripping off a bit more paint above the water line.
28th Short day! Faired off graving piece, made copper tingles for leading & trailing edges of overplanking, got soaked, went home, after having a look around visiting humber lifeboat!
29th Re-stopped/sealed under port Engine room, primed midships above water line.
30th Paint burning....Nearly the last of the Hull cleaned off.
4th September 2014 First day this week been busy with Lydia Eva and Mincarlo!  And went out on Photo shoot on ON868. Finally got hull under port Engine seams faired off, re-primed and got the last of the Original paint off the hull, sanded and primed, Only 2 years since deposit for boat was placed! Just the "D" fender and all the superstructure to strip, but feel as if I am at last getting there!
5th Half day, just filling. then Helped friend take Sweet Promise to Gt Yarmouth Maritime festival, hopefully be there with Laura next year!
8th/9th Raking out stopping, Hardening up calking, re-stopping, Aft Port Hull area. Then Mincarlo duties!
10th Finished re-stopping Aft Hull, Sanded and Final Primer on Hull under port engine.
12th Niki final primer on hull under port enginE. Filled, sanded,Primed Aft hull area. Just port bow to do!
13th De nib and second primer on Aft, then Raked out all stopping from port bow. (below water line)
14th "Hardened" up calking on port bow, Stoped up, ready for screw hole filling etc.
17th Started to sort out stern tube, and prop scuttle blocks, replacing the rotten bits with new timber.
19th Finished shaping graving pieces for Stb'd Stern tube "A" frame internal pads, epoxied into place. Repaired Brass "Washer" pad's
22nd Faired off graving pieces for Stb'd Stern tube "A" frame internal pads, drilled, primed and re-bolted Stern tube, now on to port side!
23rd Port Stern tube blocks being shaped and fitted by shipwright, finished graving piece (stbd) and then filled and faired port bow.
24th/25th Port stern tube now bolted up (onto new blocks) Port bow, primed, final filling and re-primed. Rubbing strip sealed to hull. All port side below water line complete ready for 5 "tingles" to be fitted over drain bungs, and leading edge on "overplanking" to be fitted. Tommorow Stb'd side repairs.
26th Raking out under stb'd engine room, 2' from aft end found a bit of loose,  Now I know why engine room had a "tide mark" but wasn't full of water like rest of boat! And photos sent to me of her earlier days showed her sitting low in the water.
28th Repairing "hole" got 50% of it done, well internal pads etc. good day for laying under the boat!
30th 2nd layer of planking in, general tidy up of other areas of planking.
1st October 2014 All faired off, sealed and ready for outer planking, all of hull under engine room sanded off and re-primed. Started tidying up for Boat move Monday. Finished glueing in blocks into stern tubes.
2nd Stern tube blocks faired off and primed, stern tube transition piece re-bolted. Hull outer planking replaced.
4th/5th General tidy up, removed "Tent", ready for lift into shed tommorow. First time with no covers since November 2012!
6th Boat moved to inside storage for winter works to begin.
7th Stbd bow raked out seams (80% below the water line), sister scraped old sealant away from wheelhouse windscreens and we got 2 out of the 3 removed for repair.
9th Finished raking out Stb'd bow seams (above and below water line), primed & sealed under engine room stb'd. Small epoxi repair to lower bilge keelson (slight split from end to first bolt)
11th Primed and sealed 40% of bow seams, tried polishing out "misting" on perspex wheelhouse good, need new ones as well as the front screens
12th Finished "herdening up" calking on bow seams, masked up and sealed, steady day for a Sunday!
14th All bow below the water line, filled, sanded and primed, ready for final filling and primeing. Stern (block supporting rudder box) repaired and Primed.
15th Stbd Bow final filling and Primed. Under engine room filled and primed and Lill sis removed the third windscreen and made a start on the wheelhouse top windows, all coming out for replacement glass or perspex.
17th/18th Removing Wheelhouse Nav lights, shields, exterior "chequer plate" over floatation boxes, removing 100's bolts ready for more windows to be removed for restoration/replacement.
19th Day off! But what a day, went to look at restoration of "Lucy Lavers", chatting with George Hewitt and he found me some "window bits"
20th Trial fitting replacement side screens to wheelhouse, and removing a couple more windows.
21st All wheelhouse windows now removed, took Mast mountings off, and re-positioned them Back to original 1985 mast upgrade position.


When I'm cleaning windows................Cleaning all mastic and paint of windows, dis-assembled and getting ready for new glass/perspex. Measuring up and planning cable runs etc for new top mast, and Radar siteing.
28th/29th Making up mounts for new navigation lights, stripping off fire shutters and Hull ventilators, etc etc...
30th/31st stripping more paint, sorting out routing for cables for antenna etc. Planning general cable tidy up. General tidy of boat.