Early in August 2012............................

I decided that after a few years of doing nothing, but work, work, work, work,

I wanted to do something more with my life.

Previously in my life I had restored various bits of Vintage equipment, Stationery engines, a 1928 Petrol Pavement Roller,
a Few Fairground and Street Organs(Commercially), Restored and Operated Vintage Fairground equipment. 
Done two "barn conversions".

I wanted to do one more thing.

A Boat!

But not Just any old boat, it had to have a bit of History, a bit of Character, and needed "Loving"

My family had always "messed about with boats" mainly Inland waterways and a little bit of inshore sailing,
so had been brought up with Various Sailing and Motor Boats.

Living now in Great Yarmouth, and spending Summer 2012 crewing on the Steam Drifter Lydia Eva got the sea into my veins once more.

On a nice Summers day went for a drive around the various Marinas and Boatyards in the area, specifically to find something
that interested me and something that needed work.

After looking around found various boats, and one stood out, "Chizz" a lifeboat, that's all I knew about her,
only later on I discovered she was "born" a few days after me - Keel laid 4th April 1960!

And on 12th November after a long wait for the paperwork, she became mine. (well ours, my Sister is part owner)